Falcons vs Saints


                                             the falcons vs saints 

the amzaing match between two foes.

That important preamble aside, we’re now at the point where the  get to actually play the Saints and hopefully ruin their day in New Orleans. The Falcons haven’t been great this year and their season is hanging by a thread, if it’s even remotely appropriate to think of them sneaking into a final playoff spot, but their opportunity to play spoiler in the NFC South is robust and immediate. They can start by knocking off a Saints team coping with some injuries, including to quarterback.

The  are bad. They’re not bad in terms of wins or losses or even in terms of overall talent, but they are nonetheless bad. They’re a team filled with pompous coaches and players who always seem to buy fully into their media-fueled hype right up until the moment when they inexplicably crater in the playoffs, one of the rare joys in the lives of  fans of late. They stink and I hate them.

The Saints won’t lack for motivation to win at home, but hopefully that won’t matter at all. Here’s what you need to know for the game ahead, which will hopefully end with a Falcons victory we can enjoy for the rest of the season, regardless of how things may go.

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